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Everton boss, Rafa Benitez, has said they’re lacking a strong mentality.

Rather than tactics or formation, Benitez has been drilling home the mental approach needed for Sunday’s trip to Manchester City.

“It’s always more difficult to work on that aspect,” he said.

“I always remember what the famous late Spanish coach Luis Aragones used to say, ‘You cannot buy character in the fifth floor of El Corte Ingles, or as you would say here, John Lewis!’

“That is true. You can talk about it, but it’s about performing in games. You can do well in a training session but it’s different when you have to do it in front of 50,000 fans.

“If you make a mistake or concede a goal, you have to be capable of reacting. You are looking for that in any team.

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“These players with character are normally in the top sides, but we have to find them. We have guys like Fabian Delph and Allan, who are important players for us.

“If we can start winning, the players around them will grow in confidence and then it will be easier for me to talk about character.”

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