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I’m fully convinced that we’ve spent the past spring and summer gearing up for the major fashion era that will be fall 2021. And I don’t use “era” hyperbolically—we’re about to experience a fashion comeback unlike we’ve ever seen before. (Okay, that was a bit dramatic. But fashion is back in a huge way, and I’m ready to participate in the festivities.) If there’s a right time to use clothes to establish main-character energy, it’s now. After all, we need to make up for the lost time spent dancing in sweats while our going-out apparel collected dust. Leave it to Neiman Marcus to help us pick up the pieces (literally). The retailer has a vast selection of fall must-haves that you’ll soon be obsessing over, from leather and metallics to colorful knits and statement heels. Brace yourself—some of these items are bound to live in your head rent-free before they live in your closet. If you’re ready to reinvent yourself this season, keep scrolling.

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