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Nigerian singer, Djinee believes the federal government has been too soft in the fight against insecurity in the country as bandits and kidnappers continue to threaten the peace of the nation. The singer accused the government of only acting decisively by focusing on issues that have a direct impact on their lives, and abandoning issues that concern the whole nation.  With the Nigerian government reluctant to label bandits terrorists, Djinee warned that if swift actions are not taken their family members could become victims.  Djinee wrote on Twitter: “The govt never attacks any issue (good & bad) except it has a direct impact on their lives & livelihoods. Ebola, Covid, Endsars protests, crypto etc. They acted decisively. They’ll treat bandits with kid gloves until their lives & that of their families are in danger.” “All it takes for the govt to wipe out this menace is for the bandits & herdsmen to take the lives of one of their own, “mistakenly”. Till then they can continue to brazenly kidnap & maim ordinary Nigerians for all the govt cares.” The post FG will treat bandits with kid gloves until their lives and that of their families are in danger – Djinee warns appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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