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FIFA wants Arsene Wenger’s plan for a World Cup every two years voted through before the end of the year

Former Arsenal boss Wenger formally presented his proposals to 204 of the 211 national associations at a virtual meeting from Zurich.

consultation process that the world of football has ever seen on a global basis”.

Infantino told supporters and opponents: “FIFA has one event that lasts one month every four years that is helping to develop football in 211 member associations.

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“Our ambitions for football development across the entire world can only be realised if we have more successful events taking place on a more regular basis.”

Wenger and former US women’s coach Jill Ellis outlined plans for the shape of men’s, women’s and youth football.

But despite the criticism, FIFA announced a “comprehensive report” would be published in November, “before a global summit will be staged before the end of the year”.

Infantino added: “We have the opportunity to shape football history.

“To look forward, to learn from the past, and to design the future because our vision is to make football truly global.

“But we will only make changes if it benefits everyone.

“No-one should be a loser in this, everyone should be better off at the end of the day.

“Otherwise there is no reason to change anything, if the global world of football and everyone in it is not better off.

“We are aware of the different challenges that this brings.”

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