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The Wisma Atlet COVID-19 facility now has half of its rooms vacant for the first time since the latest wave of the coronavirus outbreak began ravaging Indonesia in June, offering hope that the worst could be behind the capital Jakarta.

As of this morning, Wisma Atlet, which is often used as a gauge to measure how medical facilities in Jakarta are faring during the pandemic by virtue of being the first dedicated quarantine facility for COVID-19 patients in the capital, is occupied by 3,929 patients — and the number may continue to decrease.

“The number decreased [overnight] by 316 people, from 4,245 to 3,929,” Marine Colonel Aris Mudian, a spokesperson for the facility, said today.

In June, Wisma Atlet added 2,000 beds to bring its total capacity to 8,000, but it was still unprepared to deal with a surge in cases in the capital as patients were seen cramming the facility, many sitting on the floor, as they waited for available beds.

City-wide, Vice Governor Ahmad Riza Patria AKA Ariza said on Saturday that the overall bed occupancy rate (BOR) at the 140 hospitals that treat COVID-19 patients in Jakarta has decreased to 77 percent, down from at least 90 percent from the past few weeks, while the ICU occupancy rate has decreased to 88 percent from 95 percent.

“There has been a decent decline. Hopefully this is a good sign and [a testament to the] success of PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Public Activities),” Ariza said.

Jakarta’s active cases rate has declined sharply since the all-time high of 113,138 on July 16. As of July 25, the number stands at 64,102.

This article, Glass half full for Jakarta as Wisma Atlet quarantine facility now half empty, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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