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Indonesians got some insight into where blasphemers stand in the hierarchy of inmates inside the country’s prisons, after a graft convict/former cop reportedly smeared poo on the face of a man who allegedly desecrated Islam.

Napoleon Bonaparte (seriously, that’s his name), a former inspector general at the National Police, is serving his four-year sentence for receiving a bribe at the National Police’s Crime Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) holding facility in East Jakarta. Among the fresh detainees at the facility is Muhammad Kace, who was arrested last month in Bali after he posted a sermon video in which he allegedly insulted Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. 

Napoleon seemed keen to put Kace in his place after the former allegedly assaulted the latter in the most demeaning fashion imaginable.

“The face and body of the victim were smeared with human excrement by the perpetrator,” Bareskrim General Crimes Unit Director Andi Rian Djajadi told reporters yesterday, referring to an assault complaint filed by Kace against Napoleon.

Andi said Napoleon “prepared his own feces” to smear on Kace, adding that the former police general also punched the alleged blasphemer numerous times.

Meanwhile, Napoleon did not shy away from the allegations, penning an open letter published via his lawyer saying that he would do anything to defend his religion.

“Anyone can insult me, but not my Allah, Quran, Holy Prophet, and my Islamic faith, because I swear I will retaliate in a measured manner against those who dare to do so,” he wrote.

“I will take responsibility for all my actions against Kace, whatever the risk.”

Police have not revealed what sanctions, if any, Napoleon could face.

Napoleon, who headed the National Police’s Internal Relations Division in his heyday, was found guilty in March 2021 of receiving billions of rupiah in bribes from infamous corruption fugitive Djoko Tjandra in exchange for taking his name out of Interpol’s red notice list.

Kace, meanwhile, may face up to six years in prison for alleged violations of articles on blasphemy and disinformation under the Criminal Code (KUHP) and the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE). In a YouTube video that circulated widely in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, Kace was said to have insulted Prophet Muhammad by implying that the founder of Islam was a disciple of jinn, or supernatural creatures that are broadly understood as demonic spirits.

This article, Graft convict smears feces on face of blasphemy suspect in Indonesian jail, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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