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Viber groups of cat owners and animal advocates were abuzz after social media reports claimed that Pasig City’s Veterinary Office was planning to capture 50 percent of the community cats living in Valle Verde and round them up for euthanasia.

In case this news has gotten you riled up, time to calm down: Mayor Vico Sotto said it’s fake news.

Sotto took to his Twitter account to dispel the information that has clearly caused concern among Pasig City residents and animal lovers alike.

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“Pati ba naman ito may fake news”, the mayor wrote. “Malamang may nag-suggest lang nito tapos nanganak na ang kwento/tsismis.” (I can’t believe there would be fake news about this. This likely all stemmed from a suggestion and gave birth to rumors.)

In a separate tweet, Mayor Vico said that he spoke to some of the concerned welfare groups where he found out that a resident from Valle Verde Homes, one of the subdivisions within Valle Verde, claimed that they had spoken to the city veterinarian. The mayor debunked this, too.

“I talked to some of the groups that posted. Apparently there was a individual fr Valle Verde Homes (subdivision w/in Valle Verde) who claimed that he talked to our City Vet. Again, this is NOT TRUE. Doc Emma wouldnt approve. I will make sure tomorrow a.m. that it doesnt happen.”

So, there you have it – the cats are safe, and will continue to reside in peace within the village. We can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.

This article, Heard about stray cat captures in Valle Verde? Vico Sotto says it’s fake news, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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