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Given the enormous red sale banner on the homepage of H&M’s website, I got distracted during my weekly crawl of the brand’s new arrivals and almost completely forgot to check them out. Luckily, I fought the urge to scroll through the sale for the umpteenth time, because a few clicks away were hundreds of new items that were as close to perfect as a wardrobe item can get—especially when the max price is $100

This week, in addition to plenty of fresh discounts, H&M dropped a bevy of summer arrivals that demand your immediate attention. So, it’s no wonder that I’ve already texted half of my contact list about them, not to mention wrote this dedicated story. Tube dresses, linen trousers, eyelet tops, minimalist sandals, and more—it’s as if H&M saw my extensive wishlist for the season and said, “Make it.” Before everything inevitably sells out in seconds (but actually, this will happen), scroll down to shop H&M’s newest items. 

Chic is an understatement. 

One shoulder > two.

I’m dreaming of wearing these on my next long-haul flight. 

If your feet aren’t prepared to wear heels this summer. 

This suit will be gone by Friday—guaranteed.  Shop the matching Linen-Blend Dress Pants ($75).

Yep, these really are just $14. 

An obvious buy.

An elevated take on the tank top.

If it has an asymmetric hemline, I want it. 

These are very ’90s-esque. 

Did I just find the perfect summer sundress? The answer is yes. 

It’s impossible not to adore this one. 

The devil is in the crochet details. 

I simply cannot buy enough puddle pants.


Date-night approved. 

This fabric is so elegant and beautiful. 

A pair of white trousers will always make for a stellar outfit. 

Do it, I dare you. 

I can so see Kate Moss wearing this dress back in 1995. 

The neckline on this tank is pretty to the max. 

These beach trousers belong in your suitcase.

Getting dressed in the summer has never been easier. 

Simply lovely. 

I’ll never say no to an eyelet blouse. 


A must-have pair of jeans. 

Slip on this dress and a cute bikini and you’ll be set all summer long. 

This color gets me every time. 

Clip this on anywhere for a fresh, modern accessory. 

Minty fresh. 

Cargo girls, this is your time to shine. 

Hello, beautiful. 

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