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Former Chelsea manager, Glenn Hoddle, is baffled by Thomas Tuchel’s treatment of Callum Hudson-Odoi at Southampton on Saturday.

Tuchel on Saturday brought Hudson-Odoi on a half-time as Chelsea chased an equaliser at St Mary’s, only to substitute the substitute 31 minutes later. The gamble by the German failed to pay off, with Chelsea having to settle for the 1-1 draw.

In the aftermath, Tuchel defended the decision, insisting he was unhappy with both the form and attitude showed by Hudson-Odoi during his time on the St Mary’s pitch.

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Hoddle was at the game and found the whole episode baffling, he stated on his podcast, ‘ The Glenn Hoddle Footy Show’: “I was really scratching my head. I was doing the co-commentary. I saw him (Hudson-Odoi) kick a water bottle as he walked up the stands. So I thought he’s either injured and upset, or he’s upset after being yanked off.

“I couldn’t see the justification (of the substitution). I didn’t see a poor attitude. I actually saw a player who came on and made a big difference for Chelsea. I saw him making some lovely little blind-side runs. Getting to the byline. Creating things. He looked really sharp.”

Hoddle admits he can only guess why Tuchel chose to hook his young England international and suggests Hudson-Odoi may’ve failed to follow the manager’s instructions.

“I’m only guessing, but it could be that he failed to do some defensive duties that the manager wanted him to do. But I don’t know.

“Certainly, the way he played I don’t think he was justified taking him back off. But the manager knows him far better than I do.”

Hoddle says it’ll now be interesting to see how both manager and player respond to the decision.

“Now it’s going to be interesting to see how he responds. Obviously (Tuchel) he has come out and said things publicly. It’ll be interesting to see if Hudson-Odoi takes it on the chin and tries to prove him wrong.

“He’s given him a test. Not in the way I would personally do.

“I can understand if he’s not taking instructions and doing things for himself. If he wasn’t affecting the game in a positive way. Then the manager has every right to. But I thought he played really well and was making a difference.

“I just didn’t see justification in what he did, 1) in taking him off and 2) in what he said publicly.”

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