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A 23-year-old woman who became a sensation for her novel way to sell snacks in Chiang Mai was summoned yesterday by police, who scolded her for dressing too damn sexy.

Aranya Apaiso or “Olive” had been selling crispy pancakes wearing only a loosely tied cardigan revealing ample sideboob and toned belly until she was called in for a tongue-lashing by Chang Puak police officers.

Aranya said she was warned about keeping social distance from all the customers queuing for her tasty crepes and to be more “discreet” with her clothing. Aranya said she was specifically told by a local culture official to wear a bra.

Her stall is located on Jed Yod-Chang Kiang Road in Chiang Mai city. Her fashion choice had come to wider attention after her impressive business acumen was featured in tabloid coverage of her huge lines.

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