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The resurgence of the military junta in the West African sub-region is not only reprehensible, anti-democratic and development but anti-people and disgraceful writes our Diplomatic correspondent LINUS ALEKE.
In recent times, Mali, Niger, the Republic of Guinea, and a host of others have come under the sledgehammer of the military establishment in these countries following an inordinate attempts by the civil authorities to extend their stay in office.
Though the attempted coup in the Niger Republic was not directly linked to an attempt by the outgone civilian administration to extend its reign, but observers said that the attempt was not unconnected with the effort by the outgone regime to subvert the will of the people at the poll.
It is however, regrettable to note that the solidarity enjoyed by these selfish leaders who want to perpetuate selves in government Infinitum by other leaders in the sub region under the aegis of ECOWAS is responsible for their boldness in always tinkering with the constitution of their respective states to legitimize their inordinate quest for power.
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), has been playing outreach with its double standard on the issue under scrutiny.
For instance, the same ECOWAS that would maintain defending silence when these parochial and selfish leaders initiates constitutional review process to allow them contest elections after serving out their constitutionally allowed terms of office would move in to sanction the military when they move in to rescue their country from the clutches of one man’s inordinate ambition.
To call a spade a spade, the Economic States of West African States (ECOWAS), has not lived up to its true calling as available data reveals that it has continued to tilt toward supporting those lawless and recalcitrant President within the sub region that had altered their constitution with the view to continue in office perpetually.
Truth be told, what is it that these sit tight Presidents want to achieve in office that they were unable to achieve within their constitutionally allowed terms of office to warrant an extension.
The earlier that the relevant organs of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) begin to resist attempt by incumbent presidents to amend the constitution with a view to extend their tenure through the back, the more the coup in the sub sub region would escalates.
But in all honesty, is the military in the sub region actually truncating democracy as ECOWAS and other multilateral organizations and world leaders would want the public to believe or the military are up in arm to halt the emergence of tyrants with the support of western powers to protect their economic interests in the affected states?
An objective attempt to the above questions favours the later as the military in the region is not necessarily interested in partisan politics or want to distort democracy but is not just comfortable seeing some despots and unbridled tyrants and dictators raping the democratic process in a bid to continue in office perpetually.
Only recently, the Authority of Heads of States and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), directed the President of ECOWAS Commission to begin the process of amending the 2001 Supplementary Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance in order to ensure democracy, peace and stability, as well as halt the incessant coup in the sub-region.
The instruction was given in light of recent perennial coup in the region.
This is contained in a resolution reached at the Extraordinary Session of the Authority of Head of State and Government of ECOWAS held in Accra.
The Authority said that consolidation of democracy and good governance is crucial for the development, peace and stability of the ECOWAS region.
The meeting which was chaired by the President of the Republic of Ghana and Chair of
the Authority, Mr. Nana  Akufo-Addo, also condemned in strong terms the decision of the transitional authorities to hire private security companies in Mali.
It further expressed great
concern about its consequences on the deterioration of the security situation in
Mali and the region as a whole.
The Heads of State and Government took note of the Report of the High-
Level Mission dispatched to the Republic of Guinea on 10 September 2021,
following the Extraordinary Session of the Authority held via videoconference on
8 September 2021.
They also took note of the report on the political transition in the Republic of Mali, presented by the Mediator H.E Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
The Authority applauded the quality of the reports and the relevance of the
recommendations contained therein.
The Authority, after deliberations, endorsed the main recommendations
contained in the Mission’s report.
The Authority reiterates its unreserved condemnation of the coup of 5
September 2021 and reaffirms its demand for the immediate and unconditional
release of President Alpha Conde.
It also reminds members of the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development (CNRD) that they are individually
and collectively responsible for the physical safety of President Alpha Conde.
However, instead of waste this huge resources that ECOWAS is wasting under the guise of mediation and diplomatic mission to Mali or Guinea, prevention by way of discouraging siting President from tinkering with constitution to elongate their stay in office is less expensive.
Issuing of threats and sanctions on military junta by the regional and sub regional bodies are mere rain that washes the stone.
The right thing to do is to always support the people to resist any attempt by any Presidents to change the constitution to allow him another term in office.
Time shall come and that time is now when the ECOWAS authorities must wake up to its responsibility and nip this crisis in the bud once and for all.
It is however, regrettable to note that the solidarity enjoyed by these selfish leaders who want to perpetuate selves in government infinitum by other leaders in the sub region under the aegis of ECOWAS is responsible for their boldness in always tinkering with the constitution of their respective states to legitimize their inordinate quest for power.


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