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Sports and gambling have always been tightly linked not only through the common fan base but also because of their promotional and financial links. This is not surprising, since both sports and the online casino industry have been growing rapidly in recent years and continue to do so.

Numerous examples of mutual influences between two spheres can be seen today. Gambling is actively involved in the support of sports events and individual athletes, while sports fans are pushing the changes in the casino industry. In this article, we will discuss in detail the major ways in which sport interacts and affects the world of online casinos today.

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1. Thematic Games

Every sports event always brings a lot of emotions and endorphin explosions. That is why a large part of the sports audience prefers to play at gambling websites and get a dose of adrenaline again during the breaks between tournaments and championships. Knowing this, casino developers began to release various themed games about sports.

Today, in every casino you can find special slot machines with soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, and other themes. As an example, hockey is the most popular kind of sport in Canada. Therefore, every fastest withdrawal online casino in Canada has large sections of themed slots about hockey tournaments and hockey players. Such games have a bright design, interesting sounds effects, special animated bonuses, and sometimes even personalized storytelling about famous athletes.

2. New Features

Another way in which sports has changed the online casino industry is the adoption of online betting. Ten years ago, most betting was done in land-based sportsbooks. Nowadays, almost 90% of bets are placed on online platforms. Although casinos have always specialized in such classic games as poker, roulette, and blackjack, today they are actively launching betting functions on their websites.

This way of earning money enormously increases the income of online casinos. Moreover, gamblers have the opportunity to play games and bet on the same platform. Now they do not need to look for a separate betting website, read reviews and check licenses. Thus, both fans and casino owners benefit from this collaboration between the sports industry and the gambling business.

3. Audience Growth

It is possible to see advertisements of online casinos on uniforms, banners, or in the commercials between the breaks at almost each athletics event broadcasted on TV. For instance, millions of viewers in the Netherlands watch local football games every week. Therefore, the best Netherlands casino online platforms often sponsor soccer teams and major national tournaments. Thus, casinos strengthen their reputation and increase brand awareness. What is more, when gamblers see that the website is sponsoring a famous team, they are more likely to play at such a platform rather than in another no-name casino.

On the other hand, online casinos always support the sporting sphere and sometimes even prevent it from decline. Gambling websites have excellent financial possibilities, while state budgets usually cannot afford to spend too much on sports. That is why casinos are constantly sponsoring new teams, young athletes, and building professional sports infrastructure for such games that are not so popular as football.


As we can see, sports have an enormous impact on online casinos. Themed slots, betting options, sport advertising contracts — all of these have become an essential part of most of the leading gambling platforms. Furthermore, gambling websites constantly adjust to the interests of their audience and try to attract as many new visitors as it is possible.

From another point of view, the casinos themselves are constantly changing the sports industry. Generous donations, support of young teams, and other forms of sponsorship don’t go unnoticed. And the process of building such collaborations is unstoppable. In the future, the link between the two fields will surely grow, and both industries will only benefit from this interaction.

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