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Time my dear is the God father of change.  It is only a matter of time.  Once upon a time an issue and an occurrence can be considered impossible.

At such times it is normal   to say with all emphasis “That can never happen” But it is only a matter of time.  When the time comes there will be shock, surprises and even lamentations but the truth of the matter is that that change has taken place.

When PSG file out this may not be ruled out with the arrival of Messi

Argentina International and Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi has left the Nou camp.  To some it is like a nightmare to others it is a huge surprise and a rude shock and to a few it was expected someday and that day has come.

In a matter of hours or perhaps days Messi who has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is one of the best players on earth will join PSG where he will team-up with former Barcelona teammate and now PSG teammate Neymar.

Both were rivals at some point and remain rivals at least whenever it becomes a matter of Argentina versus Brazil like the last Copa America which Argentina won to the delight of Messi who in all he has played and achieved has not been able to clinch a trophy in the colours of Argentina until the Copa America handed him a deserved bragging right.

The exit of Messi from Nou Camp whether expected or not is an indication that no condition really is permanent one day someday a change will take place.

The six time Ballon d’Or winner may have shed tears overwhelmed with emotions leaving a club he has always known and around which his life has always revolved but he can look back at his achievement over the years, the number of lives touched just doing his job on the pitch and knowing that his action succeeded in putting a smile on the faces of fans and none fans alike.

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It is the dawn of a new era, he will be  welcomed to behold a new ground Parc des Princes no longer Nou Camp. That it is the way it goes whenever the time for a change comes.

The lineup will change and like some already predicted may be this could be the new set up at Parc des Princes. Messi definitely will hear bienvenu as he steps into his new club new ground and new environment.





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