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Just like seemingly everyone else right now, I’m completely obsessed with tennis necklaces (and bracelets). I’ve done my fair share of gawking at them online but never clicking the add-to-cart button because you won’t find many for less than $4k. While tennis jewelry certainly costs a pretty penny, it’s a good investment to make as far as jewelry goes. It may be trendy right now but more than anything, it’s timeless.

With all of this in mind, imagine my delight when I discovered Dorsey, the direct-to-consumer jewelry brand that’s made tennis jewelry far more accessible. It uses lab-grown gemstones (specifically, white sapphires for its “diamond” tennis pieces), and high-quality metals, including 18k gold-coated brass, sterling silver, and rhodium-coated brass. Truth be told, even up close and in person, its pieces look like genuine diamond tennis jewelry encased in pure 18k gold. Prices for its Riviere’s (the name given to its classic tennis pieces) average around $500 depending on the size and metal used, and it’s a far cry from the thousands you’ll have to hand over for most tennis jewelry. Dorsey’s pieces are so good that they’ve even been worn by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Taylor Swift, who can obviously afford lots and lots of diamonds.

My point in telling you all of this is that Dorsey just restocked tons of sold-out pieces, but the catch is that they always go quickly, so I don’t expect that they’ll be in stock for long, and you might have to wait months for another one. So before you miss out, read on to see what’s been restocked and shop them before they’re gone (for now, at least). 

This is the necklace fans of Dorsey are always clamoring for.

Also in silver, of course.

If you prefer something a bit more delicate than the Kate necklace, Moss is your girl.

She comes in silver too.

After diamonds, emeralds are my personal favorite.

This bezel option feels particularly modern.

This 3-pronged option adds even more drama to the tennis necklace concept.

In a perfect world, I’d pair this with one of the white sapphire necklaces.

For all of the princess-cut lovers out there.

Great on its own, even better with one of the necklaces.

So very sparkly.

If you need me I’ll be day-dreaming about having this on my wrist.

A lot of sparkle, not a lot of money.

Next up, 7 jewelry brands you’ll find in every fashion girl’s collection.

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