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As someone who leads an active lifestyle, I know how challenging it is to get ready after a tough workout. I feel like I don’t stop sweating fast enough to put makeup on, and I never have enough time to dry my hair (plus, blow-drying right after a workout will guarantee a sweaty mess). I’ve been going to morning workouts and getting ready after for years, but I still feel like it’s an art that I haven’t even gotten close to perfecting. 

If anyone knows how to get ready quickly after a workout, it’s workout instructors themselves. When your job revolves around getting sweaty, it’s no wonder that you would have getting ready afterward down to a science. For the absolute best tips to get ready after a really hard workout, I figured I’d go straight to the pros—Barry’s Bootcamp instructors, that is. 

Barry’s is known for being one of the hardest (and most rewarding) workout classes out there, since it combines high-intensity aerobic activity with strength training. After every Barry’s class I go to, I’m typically dripping sweat and need a cold shower to even attempt to cool down. If anyone knows post-workout beauty hacks, it’s Barry’s instructors, so I asked five of them their best get ready tips. 

“After a sweaty workout, I douse my hair with dry shampoo, put it in space buns, and then hop into the shower for a quick rinse. Once I’m out of the shower, I leave my hair up in the buns while I put on makeup and change clothes. The combination of the dry shampoo and sweat will give my hair a nice wavy, beach texture when I take it out of the space buns. It’s the easiest way to give your hair a little texture and volume without having to use a hot tool.”

“I am usually drenched post-workout; it is not cute. A very quick cold shower is crucial and really helps me lower my body temperature. For my makeup, I like to work with cream bases and a pop of setting powder helps absorb some moisture if my skin is a little too dewy post-workout. For my hair, the slicked-back bun or pony is definitely a style where a little post-workout sweat helps! The dampness mixed with your favorite hair gel kind of creates the perfect texture to really hold it into place. It’s impossible to achieve that level of perfection with clean hair, so maybe… sweat is the secret?”

“I get this question all the time—especially from my girlies who have textured hair like me. When I tell you braids and buns are your friend, I mean it! Not only do they make you look fierce when you’re working out, but they also give you an opportunity to put some leave-in conditioner in while you workout. So after class, I hop in the (cold) shower, touch up my braids or buns, and keep my makeup super simple. I’m all about the no-makeup makeup look, and you can always find SPF, a bronzer stick, cream blush, mascara, and brow cream in my bag.”

“Wearing a headband during my workout helps me immensely when I know I need to pull a look post-Barry’s sweat. I always gravitate to a wide Lululemon headband. A cold shower is the best way for me to cool down, both emotionally and physically. Not only does it allow my muscles to recover, but it helps me mentally reset. If I don’t have time for a shower, I at least change and blow-dry my hair with the Dyson hair dryers offered in Barry’s locker rooms and Batiste dry shampoo. I wash or wipe my face and follow up with Babor Clean Performance Moisturizer.”

“I love jumping into a cold shower right after a tough workout class. While the initial shock can be a little intense, a cold shower helps relieve soreness and allows your muscles to recover faster. I try to think of it as a mild ice bath to get through it. After the shower, I simply throw on my outfit, apply my face moisturizer, put on makeup, and then I’m off to work.”

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