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For years now, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with curtain bangs. Love because seeing them on other people made me drool, and hate because every time I would go to style them on myself they never turned out quite right. A style that looked so effortless and chic on others somehow always fell flat during my attempts to replicate. I recently gave in to the itch to cut them again, so this time around, I was determined to master the method.

I spent some time perusing the YouTube channels and TikTok accounts of the girls I follow with notably great hair and struck gold once I stumbled onto this video from hair goddess Matilda Djerf. Not only does she have the hair of my dreams, but her account has a ton of quick, easy tutorials on how she styles her infamously dreamy bangs. So after many watches of her videos and much trial and error, I finally cracked the code on how to style curtain bangs—and it was surprisingly easy.

There are actually multiple ways to achieve the style so you can choose your own adventure based on your level of skill and preferred tools. Below, I’m sharing each styling method plus the key products and videos that helped me learn when I thought all hope was lost. 

If you guessed the Dyson Airwrap would make an appearance in this story, you guessed right. The beloved styling tool can do just about anything, and it’s especially helpful in styling curtain bangs. As Matilda demonstrates in this video, the round brush attachment can be used to seamlessly sweep bangs away from the face to provide volume and create the desired style. But you don’t necessarily need the Airwrap to do this (although I must say I love mine), you can use any round brush styling tool or the classic blow-dryer and round brush combo. Simply round brush your bangs out and away from your face on each side and voilà! Voluminous bangs accomplished.

Another easy method to style or restyle your curtain bangs is with a standard blow-dryer, as demonstrated in this video. Start by brushing or combing bangs toward one side of the face and then switch to the other to create volume and movement (you can also do so with your fingers). Then set them into place using your fingers. If you have fine hair like I do, you’ll definitely want to add a styling product like texturizing spray while you mold your shape with your fingers to really set the style into place.

The final method is a classic: Roll your bangs back with a large hot roller. Let the roller sit in your hair for a few minutes while you style the rest of your hair or finish your makeup, and then unroll to reveal a voluminous curtain bang (check out this video for a visual tutorial). I recommend a similar final step as the previous method and combine a styling product and a bit of direction from your fingers to set the hair into place. 

To set your hair, the correct styling product is key. Spritz your freshly styled bangs with a good texturizing spray to add some grip and hold. Skipping this step will most likely have your hair falling flat and all that hard work just went out the window. A few sprays of texturizing hairspray will ensure your curtain bangs stay styled all day—no flat hair to see here. 

This is my personal favorite. I like to work it into the roots for extra volume. 

Not only does this one work wonders, but it also smells heavenly. 

This one has minimal scent if you prefer to let your perfume shine. 

As an added bonus, this one doubles as a shine spray.

This one holds hair in place all day.

The name says it all. 

This one smells like a vacation in a bottle. 

Add volume and texture without leaving hair crunchy.

This one also helps protect your color. 

Dry shampoo will also work in a pinch, as it provides grip and allows you to mold your strands with your fingers.

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