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I can’t tell you how many days I’ve spent working from home in sweats and graphic tees, but I can tell you that, for me, those days are officially ending. I recently made a major shift in my work-from-home routine and decided to upgrade to outfits that I could easily wear in the office when we finally return. Before I lose you, this does not mean that my new WFH wardrobe is boring and uncomfortable. In fact, dressing up has worked wonders for my confidence and productivity, and that’s why I’m continuing this journey by shopping FANGYÁN’s selection of elevated pieces. I’m starting to stock up on the brand’s comfy knits, flowy dresses, and stretchy blouses. I’ve even added a few coats to my wish list to ensure I stay chic and warm when I need a change of scenery and decide to work at a nearby coffee shop. Regardless of your style preference or dress code, FANGYÁN has a wide range of collections to match any vibe. Now that you know how my WFH wardrobe makeover started, keep scrolling to see how it’s going. 

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