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I’ve always loved shopping. (I mean, I’m a fashion editor. It comes with the territory.) Whether I’m asking strangers where they got their jeans or waiting in a long line at my local shopping center, I simply enjoy the experience of hunting down a piece, trying it on, and finally committing to it by way of credit card. But ever since I started spending more consciously on sustainable brands, I’ve grown to love shopping even more. There’s a different kind of joy that comes from buying an item that both fits your body and aligns with your sustainability efforts. Closed’s new denim collection has sparked this kind of joy in me. Not only does the collection feature relaxed silhouettes in vintage washes and straight-leg styles with pleated details, but 81% of these jeans are eco-friendly or part of the eco-denim line, A Better Blue. Closed is putting organic cotton and recycled materials at the forefront, and if you’re just as impressed as I am, keep scrolling for a look at the denim that is bound to dominate your closet this fall.

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