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Whenever I make a trip back east, it really gets my creative juices flowing. Los Angeles certainly has its strong spots—amazing denim and smoothie shops by the dozen—but the fall season is where New York really shines. During my stay in New York I noticed plenty of the usual: all-black outfits, cool purses, and lots of Telfar, but a few other sartorial themes quickly emerged throughout my hour-long walks and coffee shop work sessions around the city. Making their way out of the woodwork were pieces like cheerful saturated knits, trench coats galore, and chunky loafers (after all, New Yorkers are all about a walkable shoe). Also to my surprise, the latest cardigan micro trend courtesy of Jacquemus was also in full effect on the streets.

As I made my way to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and back, I made sure to take plenty of mental style notes along the way. I can definitively say that seeing all of these trends in the wild persuaded me to immediately add all of them to my shopping checklist. Keep scrolling below to see all of the items that left me inspired.

It’s a hard fact that New Yorkers love the color black, but there are exceptions. Popping in and out of stores all over the Lower East Side I noticed strong hued sweaters of every color imaginable. When grey overcast skies become an inevitable everyday occurrence, it make sense to have a hit of endrophins in the form of a few bright knits.  

Before it’s time to pull out the big guns (aka puffer coats), a layer to carry you through the October and November chill is highly essential. Through my observations that layer of choice seemed to be hardy trenchcoats. Thicker, and more substantial than the springtime favorite, these coats fall on the bulkier side on the trench spectrum—meaning it’ll do an A1 job of keeping you warm. Since thick and wool coats are off the table for my LA lifestyle, this feels like one coat trend I can actually partake in.

Not only are cargo pants a hit among fashion It-girls worldwide, they also seemed to have found a devoted audience among the New York crowd too. Styled with a cool leather jacket and boots, it’s like a match made in heaven.

It didn’t take long before Jacquemus’s beloved logo cardigan from FW21 made its way into the hearts of celebs and fashion insiders alike. Featuring one small button or fastener at the top, it’s more cute than functional—and that’s the charm of it. Always one to immediately jump on trends, New Yorkers grabbed a hold of these teensy cardigans before anyone could even blink. If you don’t want to spend hundreds on the designer find, similar affordable versions have recently popped up.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that a foot-friendly shoe trend appears on a list related to NYC style. Walking is a way of life for if you’re a New Yorker, so it’s only natural to embrace a shoe that’s easy on the feet yet chic at the same time. Since it was still too warm to transition to boots, chunky loafers were out in full force during my trip. As a result I currently have five different styles in my Nordstrom cart right now.

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