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You would be alarmed to find out how many pairs of shoes I have in my closet—well, had in my closet before I did a recent deep clean. Closet cleanouts can be a daunting task to take on, especially if it’s been a while since your last audit, so I like to address mine in bite-size chunks with each category. First up, shoes. Like I said, my collection was beginning to creep north of 40 pairs (I know, I know), because I’ll admit that I have a weakness when it comes to shoe shopping. That’s another story, but today I’m here to share the results of my successful deep clean.

By the end of it, I’d whittled my collection down to nearly half its volume, in part becuase I was holding onto pairs that were well past their expiration dates and in part becuase my personal style and lifestyle has shifted in the past few years. The first to go were shoes like white sandals scuffed beyond repair and sneakers so worn-in they threatened to fall apart. Next were the outdated shoe trends that just aren’t resonating with me in 2023. These are the styles that were simply sitting idle on their shelf for for too long and what I’m diving into here. Ahead, see which six trends I removed in my massive shoe cleanout and which alternatives I’m keeping in the mix.

Expect 2023 to be all about metallic accessories—especially shoes. The styles that will be a fixture in my closet? Silver ballet flats and boots that add a pretty pop to casual and neutral-toned outfits without trying too hard. After going through my closet, I pulled several pairs of snakeskin-printed shoes that, while cool, don’t seem as fresh to me now.

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be space for performance sneakers in my closet (I’m an avid runner, after all), but as for “fashion” sneakers, I’m way more into the streamlined look of sneakers with a slim, flat sole. My Adidas Sambas are easily my most-worn pair right now, which proves my point.

There’s no question that the pandemic era did a number on my collection of heels. I used to keep a few pairs of tall skinny heels for events and dressed-up occasions, but now that comfort is a top priority for me, I’m loving the look (and feel) of both wedge pumps and shorter kitten heels. Bottega Veneta’s wedge pumps as pictured above are a pair that I simply can’t get my mind off of.

I love the cool feel that a pair of tough boots bring to an outfit, but instead of reaching for combat boots, I’m eyeing moto styles with hardware like buckles and clasps for that added oomph. 

Round-toe pumps feel dated to me now but pointe-toe pairs, and specifically point-toe slingbacks, feel super-sleek and exciting to me.

Loafers may be a perennial staple, but they’re far from immune to the ebb and flow of the trend cycle. While intense platform styles had their grip on my closet over the past few years, I just removed them in my most recent cleanout. Instead, I’m fixating on more classic penny loafers with non-platform soles. My Weejuns Whitney Loafers have taken center stage in my outfits recently.

Up next, the non-skinny jean trend all the fashion people will wear in 2023.

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