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I recently went on a trip to Paris. While I was there, I spent my days wandering the city, eating my weight in foods that were likely composed of 80 percent butter, and browsing French pharmacies to stock up on Biafine.

In between destinations, I stopped at many cafés to people-watch, and while I was sipping espresso and drooling over the fashion, something else kept catching my eye—the hair. French women know hair in a way that we don’t in America. In France, hair is best left natural and slightly tousled, for a sexy, undone vibe. Everyone’s strands made me want to throw out my hair spray immediately.

To find out how to achieve the perfect French-girl hair, I spoke to über-cool French women about their favorite products and why they love them so much. Below, find the products that French women swear by, that you can even ship stateside.

“I’ve been using L’Huile de Leonor Greyl for more than ten years, since I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde. It’s one of the best hair oils to nourish deeply for damaged hair like mine.” —Kyu Lee

“The texture is a flashy violet color, so it looks super chemical but it makes your blond hair much lighter. It takes off the yellow-ness.” —Kyu Lee

“I suggest Klorane’s dry shampoo. I found it during a shoot when a hairdresser was using it on me. The texture of product is super light. It’s good for greasy hair, but also, when your hair is too sleek and flat, you can spray on the roots to [add texture to] hair, and make it messy.” —Kyu Lee

“This Chébé du Tchad Hair Cream is vegan, clean, eco-conscious. It helps my hair to reach and preserve new lengths. It is very easy to use daily to soften my hair, strengthen it from root to tip, and reduce breakage for maximum length retention.” —Pierron

“This is by far my favorite shampoo. It helps to de-tangle my natural long hair and keeps [it] healthy and shiny.” —Pierron

“This product has a nice texture and makes the hair feel soft and moisturized. I leave this conditioner on for longer than directed and sometimes under a plastic cap for about 20 minutes.” —Pierron

“Sometimes before shampooing, I apply this oil and cover my hair with a warm towel and I leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I proceed to shampoo.” —Pierron

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