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It’s September, and every fashion person across the world knows what that means. It’s fashion month, baby! As magazine editors, influencers, and industry insiders make their way across NYC and hop from runway show to show, I can’t help but notice all the fun trends New York Fashion Week attendees are testing out each day. While it may be hard to shell out lots of money for designer clothes, that’s not the only way to channel this fashionable and trend-forward time into killer looks. Enter Mango.

Mango just updated its website and released a new line of clothing items that are the ultimate mix of chic and all things cool. I’ve included my favorite pieces below for your shopping pleasure. Keep scrolling to uncover the ultimate fashion-person finds.

Thes culottes are so sleek.

Love a fitted-blazer look. 

My Aries sun is obsessed with this. 

This off-the-shoulder look is so chic.

These silver earrings are so cool. 

A retro nod. 

Little black dresses for the win. 

This looks like designer. 

I can’t believe this double necklace is under $50.

The subtle sheer knit is everything. 

Miniskirts are here to stay.

I’m so into this skirt length right now.

A great everday bag. 

An updated take on classic hoops.

This bag has a vintage flair. 

This lace look would look great at dinner or a trendy party.

Throwback in the best way.

A cool neckline saves the day.

If you’ve been wanting some cute heels, get these slingbacks now. You won’t regret it.

Raise your hand if you always wanted to wear a tie like Avril Lavigne growing up. Well, now’s your chance. 

The perfect work bag.

A great belt takes an outfit up 10 notches. 


Long shorts are something of dreams.

More fun tweed jackets this fall.

You’ll have this forever. 

If you won’t buy this, I definitely will. 

Pair with simple, chic trousers. 

The perfect wedding guest dress.

A simple cardigan to go with all your favorite bottoms. 

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