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What if I told you healthy and hydrated curls with a little extra spring in their step were possible to have every single day? I know, you’d probably say I’ve lost it, right? Think again. There’s a little secret I’m going to let you in on—and it really won’t require a lot of effort on your end.

The art of hair wrapping definitely isn’t a new thing, but I would say it’s underappreciated. All hair (especially curls) would do well with a satin, silk, or microfiber hair wrap. Satin- and silk-lined hair wraps help keep strands at their healthiest by locking in moisture, preventing friction against harsh fabrics, and protecting any style you want to keep nice for a while. Hair wraps are best used at night to help shield your locks from a cotton pillowcase. The alternative is to snag a satin or silk pillowcase, which also helps, but won’t lock in that deep hydration quite like a hair wrap will. That being said, when you use a wrap overnight, you’ll wake up with strands that are soft, smooth, and tangle-free—a quite refreshing accomplishment if you struggle to keep your curls in check. Add in a bit of your favorite leave-in conditioner, and you have the perfect recipe for coiffed curly goodness. If this sounds like something you want to invest in fully, keep reading below for all the best hair wraps to shop that will keep your locks in tip-top shape.

Longer strands always need a little extra help. That’s where this extra-long satin bonnet comes in—it provides maximum hair protection by fitting over the entire length of your strands and is great for longer protective styles or extensions.

The outer shell of this cap is 95% bamboo viscose, 5% spandex, and 100% satin on the inside. I think it’s safe to say your skin and hair will feel more than baby soft when you wake up in the morning.

Yanibest’s satin sleep cap earns major points for being adjustable. The inside lining of the cap is satin while the outside is made of cotton and spandex. The material also makes it great for warmer seasons since it’s so breathable and has a customizable fit.

This satin-lined bonnet is another great adjustable option for those with thicker curls. The material is soft and skin-friendly and is even designed so that it can be worn as a regular outdoor beanie.

For those who like an actual headscarf to wrap their curls up in, this two-piece set is the one to snag. Although the fabric is actually silk-feeling polyester, it still mimics the same effects of wearing a 100% silk head scarf overnight. You’ll wake up with curls that are soft and frizz- and tangle-free.

This option is a winner for its luxe-feeling fabric and vibrant hue—perfect for anyone who isn’t into plain old black. It’s one of the best hair wraps to wear overnight to protect curls from the abrasive fabric of most pillowcases. It also helps to lock in any conditioning agents and, as a bonus, is cute enough to wear during the day, too.

I’ll admit I’m more of a simple black headwrap kinda gal, so I’ll most likely be adding this option to my cart. If you’re the same, you’ll enjoy that it’s sleek, 100% silk, and designed to prevent breakage or frizz during the night. When used consistently, it can really help your hair grow softer, longer, and thicker.

A cap-shaped option is great if you’re concerned about your hair wrap falling off at night, which, to be fair, is valid, especially if you have thicker hair. Grace Eleyae’s satin-lined option really helps with that while locking in moisture and distributing your hair’s natural oils.

Made of 100% mulberry silk, Zimasilk’s sleep cap will keep hair looking and feeling extra fresh in the morning. It has a pleated design and elastic in the back that’s tight but not too tight to keep curls firmly in place at night.

The equally important sister to a satin- or silk-lined sleep cap is the microfiber hair wrap. This towel-like hair turban helps cut drying time down and helps prevent frizz. The polyester and nylon fabric of this wrap is easier on curls and, like a sleep cap, also helps strengthen strands.

Obviously, I love a good two-pack, so this set from Turbo Twist felt right to add to the mix. Each towel is made of moisture-wicking microfiber and works great for curl plopping too if you’re into that.

If you wash your hair pretty frequently, these ultra-soft microfiber towels are great to have on hand. I know it’s not exactly recommended to wash curls more than three times a week, but sometimes the universe (and your hair) has other plans. It also has a button and loop in the back that stops it from slipping or dripping—something I definitely appreciate.

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