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As a fashion editor, I am constantly on the lookout for fresh trends. Thanks to my consistent perusal of street style, celebrity looks, and what my style favorites are up to on Instagram and TikTok, I have the pleasure of spotting trends just as they are entering the ether. Naturally, I am not a personal fan of everything bubbling up, but there are a select few every season that get me excited.

At the moment, I have my sights set on a variety of fashion trends that range from head to toe. In fact, most of them are actually throwbacks that have been revived from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and the early aughts. For instance, white slouch socks à la Princess Diana are starting to have a major moment thanks to a renewed interest in the late style muse’s outfit catalogue.

Ahead, check out 5 of the trends I’m shipping this season.

Denim maxi skirts have been gracing some of my favorite fashion follows as of late and I am officially hooked. I recommend approaching styling them just as you would a pair of jeans.

This black denim maxi skirt can easily be dressed up or down.

The contrast stitching brings this denim skirt to the next level.

Our Editorial Director just got this skirt, and she has great taste.

This maxi skirt is giving grunge vibes.

The nostalgia I feel for slouch socks is immeasurable. They take me straight back to my childhood, watching my mom get ready in her off-duty moments. 

I’m still riding high on my love for coats with built-in scarfs so it’s no wonder that appreciation is now transferring to the sweater version. So chic.

This gray option is incredibly chic.

I’m all for rich chocolate brown pieces this season.

This stylish sweater is a guaranteed classic.

A great white sweater is always a good idea.

There is something quite sexy and sophisticated about black tights and I can’t help but love the way they elevate a pair of jeans. Just look at Sylvie Mus’s crazy-cool outfit.

One reviewer raved that these tights have “high quality fabric that feels rip proof!”.

This budget-friendly pack is a great way to try the trend.

These under $25 tights come in three different colors.

Here’s a great pair of sheer tights.

Go bold in red.

These tights are a go-to for many stylists.

If there is one area in the land of accessories that needs a shake up it’s that of the cold-weather variety. No, balaclavas are nothing new, but they are a nice outfit pick-me-up for winter.

This is the exact balaclava that Lucy Wiliams wears above.

This investment pick will be worn for many years to come.

This balaclava was inspired by classic ski gear.

I’m here for the understated yet warm and fuzzy feel of this balaclava.

Next up: If Europeans Had Nordstrom, This Is What They Would Buy There.

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