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Basics have a much longer shelf life than trendy items, but I’m sorry to report that you’ll probably need to replace some of your basics from time to time too. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Luckily, our very own Who What Wear Collection makes upgrading your basics a lot easier—and your wallet won’t suffer for it.

Who What Wear Collection’s new arrivals for fall and winter have been coming in hot lately, and it’s inspired me to make a list of dated basics I’ve been trying to force myself to part with. That way, I can free up some space for some of the chic new basics currently in my very full cart.

Below, find out what basics I’d give up and which I’d gladly replace them with. Think outerwear, trousers, sweaters, and more, all for an under-$230 price point.

Once a sweater is covered in pills, it’s hard to make it look new again, and it might be best to swap it for something a little more current anyway. I’m loving pullover styles like this cozy henley.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of midi skirts that I’m just not excited to wear, so why not opt for one that goes with everything but is far chicer than a basic black slip skirt?

The denim jackets I’ve acquired over the past 10 years barely get any wear anymore, so I’m replacing them with this cool oversize sacket.

When bell-sleeve sweaters were a trend, I really leaned in. But the trend peaked long ago and now, I’m shopping for sweaters with interesting necklines, like this alluring keyhole bodysuit.

Remember the days of cropped flare pants or bust? I’m actively donating mine and replacing them with more varied styles such as these relaxed vegan leather trousers.

If I’m going to buy a plain T-shirt, it’s going to be a crew-neck or turtleneck. That being said, I love a ribbed V-neck sweater and think they make for great fall and winter going-out tops.

Many basics in recent seasons featured a Victorian-inspired bib collar. I’m kind of over that look and am far more motivated to buy polo tops these days.

I recently came across a few pleather jackets in my closet from when those were considered basics a few years ago. I’m saying bye-bye and replacing them with cozy shearling styles.

I can’t say that I’ll never wear skinny pants again but for now, I’m far more drawn to slouchy trousers. These have everything I desire in the perfect pair.

You won’t regret ordering this versatile shacket.

This unique sweater will get you all the compliments.

Great for parties and such.

Obsessed with the color, the scrunch straps, and the styling.

I already own this and can confirm it’s so chic and cozy.

Never worry about keeping your T-shirt tucked in again.

This one is a Who What Wear editor favorite top.

Next up, 13 stunning Nordstrom shoes that are leaving us shook.

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