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I’m a London-Based CEO, and I Feel Mad Cool When I Wear These 7 Fall Items

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When it comes to inspiring fashion follows, London-based creative director and CEO Abisola Omole is at the top of my list. Her feed, @abimarvel, is filled with a range of beautiful fashion and lifestyle inspiration. But it’s really no surprise that she just gets it given that she’s built quite a storied career in the industry. She actually launched a fashion and lifestyle blog back in 2008 and created The Apārtment in 2012—a digital and creative agency, which now specializes in event production, design, and digital strategy. She also recently launched Arva (a contemporary consumer lifestyle brand) and studio Arva (an interior style and design-led studio). In addition to running her many businesses, this 20-something entrepreneur also somehow finds the time to consistently create top-notch outfits that are forward and highly versatile. It’s these looks that often stop me in my tracks as I’m scrolling through IG looking for ideas.

On that note, Omole recently posted this ensemble with the caption, “I can’t even lie—I feel mad cool when I wear this outfit.” This prompted me to want to know more. I reached out to her to inquire about the other fall items that make her feel “mad cool” when she’s wearing them right now. Naturally, her answers were A+.

Below you’ll uncover the specific pieces Omole is all about for the season and why. I also included other inspired picks for your viewing or shopping pleasure. Keep scrolling for more—you may just uncover a fresh find that will make you feel mad cool as well.

“I usually skip jacket season. I go from maybe wearing a cardigan or generally something long-sleeve in summer to straight-up wearing a big wool/cashmere mix coat in the winter. But when I came across this sage green wool mix jacket, I fell in love. As the weeks pass, I’m also starting to realize just how versatile it really is.”
Note the green jacket above is currently sold out.
“This Vince sweater is so cozy and so chic. I just throw it on and I look so put together, it’s shocking. Plus it’s so soft and the fraying cuff adds a nice romantic edge to the sweater.”
“Once I fall in love with a shoe that’s comfortable, that’s it. I’ll basically wear them every day until they break or something else grabs my attention. I’ve solidly been wearing these kids since late August, and although they’re pretty dirty right now, I just love how comfortable and easy-going they are.”
“These are the epitome of comfort and utility. Usually matched with a baggy cashmere sweater, I always feel like a trendy architect when I wear these.”
“This shirt is basically liquid. It’s so soft and gentle. Also, the color is just magical. I am genuinely mesmerized whenever I wear it.”
“I’m aware that you’re supposed to wear nice things on special occasions, but more now than ever, I’m looking to celebrate the everyday. No more waiting for a special event, these beautiful earrings are my current everyday go-to’s.”
“I tend to overdo it on the outerwear and I get hot quite easily, so one of my favorite dresses right now is this Massimo Dutti ankle-length, breathable pleated number that can literally be worn with any sweater, jacket, or coat.”
Note the white dress above is currently sold out.

Next, check out more stylish fall items.

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