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I’m Cleaning Out My Closet and Asked 5 Celebrity Stylists What to Ditch First

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I don’t know about you, but cleaning out my closet is usually the last thing I want to do, yet it always feels so good to purge the old and make room for the new once I get around to doing it. So now that I’ve been spending a lot more time at home (read: all my time), I’ve inevitably been getting around to the task. To get some intel on which spring fashion trends to donate and which to replace them with, I reached out to five celebrity stylists whose literal job is to make sure their A-list clients look as chic and up-to-date as possible.

I knew their recommendations would be good, but I didn’t know they’d be this good. I couldn’t agree with their selections more, which is why I’m jumping at the chance to share the intel here just in case you’re also itching to do some spring cleaning. Let me first say that their suggestions are merely that—suggestions—and these are by no means hard-and-fast rules for what to ditch and buy. Instead, take into consideration your own personal style when deciding whether these tips are for you.

Keep reading to find out the outdated spring trends, according to celebrity stylists, and then shop the newer trends that will ensure a chic wardrobe.

“Through my FaceTime styling sessions, I have found that a lot of women (regardless of age!) have one thing in common: They are tired of the skinny jean but not necessarily sold on an alternative. I think that the skinny jean has served us well for a while, but I feel that we are moving toward a more straight (or even wide-leg!) silhouette. I also think that while the skinny jean can be flattering, you can still get that slim-leg look with a pair of straight-leg denim. I also think the straight leg look gives a nice edge when wearing a flat summer sandal or kitten heel. It has a more vintage look, which I am drawn to.” — Allison Bornstein, stylist
“I am recommending that people retire the tweed blazers that have been kicking around for a few seasons. Although a classic and interpreted in many ways, I think this one has done its dash for the time being. “Instead, I think you should jump right in with some sugary tones and buy into some bright and juicy tailored pieces. Think grass green or sherbet oranges like what we saw on the Jacquemus and Stella McCartney runways for spring.” — Cat Pope, fashion stylist and consultant
“While a basic tee and tank are classic must-haves, I’m finding myself using ones with padded shoulders instead. It adds an element of structure and style.” — Madison Guest, stylist
“As you’re reshuffling your closet, try to keep your athleisure items in the back. Let’s replace the hoodies and athleisure items with other, just-as-comfortable options, such as an oversize cardigan or a warm, boyfriend-fit flannel. These trendier items still give the same warmth and comfort as your favorite hoodie but show more of a creative flair.” — Andrew Gelwicks, stylist
“Goodbye, biker shorts. Hello, Bermuda shorts! It’s the perfect mix of laid-back but pulled-together. You can dress them up with a matching blazer for a suit look or dress it down with your favorite band tee and sneakers.” — Sonia Young, stylist. “It’s no secret I love a power suit, but for spring and summer, I’m recommending my clients put them on pause and pick up shorts suits instead. Not only are they warm-weather friendly, but they also showcase the very of-the-moment culotte/Bermuda shorts trend.” — Guest

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