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It would be the understatement of the ear to say that my mom and I don’t exactly have the same sense of style. She’s a lot more laid back than I am, she loves her maxi skirts and a great pair of yoga pants (I mean, who doesn’t) while my style is a little more over the top, and a lot more New York City if you know what I mean. While we don’t have the exact same sense of style we do have a similar love for shopping. When I was growing up, every weekend my mom, sisters and I would take day trips to the mall to shop and have lunch together, where we bonded over our love for a great deal and talked about the clothes in the stores we couldn’t wait to wear over Starbucks. It was the best, and we would always spend the most of our time in Nordstrom. I have always been a Nordstrom lover, I even worked there as a digital stylist for a few years. Every shopping trip with my mom would usually end with a long Nordstrom receipt of home, fashion, and beauty items the two of us equally loved.

Lately, Nordstrom has been killing it with great new arrivals that my mom and I both have sitting in our carts. Keep scrolling to see what Nordstrom items made the cut.

Mom and I both love a Free People sweater. 

My mom and I love to do face masks together, this one is a 10/10. 

I’m loving this lamp for a bedside table. 

These are perfect for atop your bar cart or on a bedside table.

This rug is so good. 

A candle that literally everyone loves. 

The cashmere scarf of my dreams. 

Perfect for work or weekend. 

A must have basic. 

I have this vase and I’m obsessed. 

This skirt is so versatile, I need it. 

The type of tote my mom and I would fight over who gets to keep it. 

The best layering tank. 

Pajamas that you’ll love so much you wont want to get dressed in the morning. 

An easy, every day sweater. 

Ordering ASAP. 

These jeans look so good on everyone.

Saving this lamp for the next time I move. 

I could live in this long sleeve T-shirt. 

I’m obsessed with the color of this cardigan. 

The ultimate Ugg blanket. 

Your new favorite pair of jeans. 

My mom and I both love these. 

How chic is this bath runner? 

I love these under $100 Ugg slippers. 

My favorite beanie. 

Who doesn’t love a cable cardigan? 

This mask is a little on the pricier side but it’s so good. 

I am such a fan of this velour robe. 

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