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K-pop megastars Blackpink returned to meet Singapore fans over the weekend for their world tour except this time, they saw more of a sea of phones than a pumped crowd.

The girls held their two-day Born Pink World Tour at the Singapore National Stadium during the past weekend and while the shows were a sell-out success, member Jennie Kim couldn’t help but call out the fans who have been enjoying the close to two-hour concert through their phone screens.

“I’m seeing more cellphones than faces today. I don’t know if I like that so for the last two songs, I want everyone to connect and interact with us and sing and dance and just party ok?” she said.

@limxjoel Jennie with the shaaaaaade 💀😂 #bornpink #blackpink #blackpinkinsingapore #bornpinkworldtour #jennie #jenniekim ♬ original sound – Joel Lim

Jennie’s not the only one complaining about the hoarding phones. Concert-goers (mostly in the moshpits) complained that they paid hundreds of dollars to see the stars up close but were blindsided by the phones and the group’s sizable lightsticks blocking all views of the girls. 

Those without seats said they queued for hours on end before the concert to hopefully get the best spot but it was pointless when everyone surrounding them was recording the concert. 

Some even resorted to lifting their phones up as high as they could over the other phones – just so they could get a look at the action on stage.

“[point of view]: you bought standing pen [tickets] and went early to get a better view, but everyone’s phones & light sticks are out so [you] can’t see anything on stage,” TikTok user Shunicorn_ wrote.

@shunicorn_ standing pen might not be so great after all #blackpink #blackpinkconcert ♬ original sound – sher 🦄

@sgag_memes Bro best view honestly 😍 #blackpinkconcert #blink #singaporetiktok #sgfyp ♬ BOOMBAYAH – BLACKPINK

@joeychok WATCH MY BLACKPINK CONCERT GUIDE TO SAVE YOU IF YOU ARE GOING TOMORROW! MONEY FLY BUT ITS OKAY PAY FOR EXPERIENCE #blackpinkconcert #blackpinkconcertsingapore #blackpinksingapore2023 #blackpinkofficial #nationalstadiumsingapore #singaporetiktok #tiktoksg🇸🇬 #sgtiktok #tiktok #singapore ♬ original sound – joeychokdx

@trixl4uu 😭😭 #bornpinksg #sgtiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – katt !!

Meanwhile, over to the seats, one dude pissed off several fans who didn’t manage to get tickets after getting caught playing Angry Birds on his phone during the concert. Yikes.

@pollutedhq 💀💀💀#bornpinkworldtour #bornpinksg #blackpink ♬ Angry Birds – Main Theme – Geek Music

On another note, Blackpink’s Lisa was spotted enjoying a meal supposedly with her family at The Seagrill restaurant in Changi Beach Park after the concert. Thankfully, there weren’t as many cameras present (that we know of).

@laychinok #blackpinkinsingapore @The Seagrill by ChevalGroup ♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

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