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Elaine Davis is known for her inspiring style. After living in New York City for years, she’s perfectly mastered a vibe that’s forward, versatile, and comfortable enough for her busy life in the city. Given her adoration for fashion and her willingness to try new things, she likes to switch it up and incorporate new looks into her wardrobe now and then. “My closet is always full of timeless pieces, but that doesn’t stop me from updating it with a few trends each season,” she said. “It helps to keep my style current and fresh.”

Below, you’ll uncover the top trends Davis is mixing into her rotation to update her closet for fall and winter. There’s everything from strong outerwear picks to gorgeous separates. You’ll also find outfit ideas showcasing each trend and inspired shopping picks in case something catches your eye.

“Coats in a pop of color have always been my weakness.”

“Give me all the box-check pieces. It’s my new favorite neutral print.”

“Love plaid. Green and plaid—the perfect combo.”

“One word: fringe. That’s it.” 

“I’m just ecstatic that the leather jacket has circled back around. I love a cute oversize, cropped moto.”

Next, check out more trends to consider.

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