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The commuter, Siah, lost his footing and was thrown forward after the bus driver applied the emergency brakes. ― TODAY pic
The commuter, Siah, lost his footing and was thrown forward after the bus driver applied the emergency brakes. ― TODAY pic

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SINGAPORE, Sept 9 —  A commuter sustained injuries while travelling on board an SBS Transit (SBST) bus yesterday (September 8), after the bus driver applied the emergency brakes. 

The public transport operator in a statement today said that based on its closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, the bus was travelling straight along North Bridge Road when a car in the next lane “suddenly cut” into the bus’ lane and brushed against the front of the bus. 

SBST’s senior vice president of corporate communications Tammy Tan, added that to avoid an accident, the bus captain immediately applied the emergency brakes.

The commuter, known only as Siah, who was seated right on the first seat near the front door, had just stood up from his seat in preparation to alight. He then lost his footing and was thrown forward, Tan added.

She said the bus captain then immediately stopped the bus and contacted the operations control centre which called an ambulance that conveyed the commuter to a hospital.

Tan added that the company is in touch with Siah’s family and have shared the CCTV footage with the traffic police which is looking into the incident. 

Yesterday, the commuter’s daughter Siah Hwan Ling had put up a Facebook post asking for eyewitnesses to come forward following her father’s fall. 

“We have no information of the accident at all as we were given bits and pieces of the information only… We only knew it was because the bus driver has done an e-brake which resulted in him falling so badly. But these injury doesn’t seem like a normal fall,” she wrote.

This morning, she updated the post confirming that the accident happened before the bus stop of Bugis Cube, and before the left turn of Liang Seah Street. 

“Please let me have more information as that location the bus shouldn’t be travelling so fast as they are reaching the traffic light where there is heavy human traffics crossing that road. That ebrake shouldn’t have caused such a serious injury,” she said.

This afternoon, Siah updated the post again saying that her father had been transferred to the intensive care unit after the accident had resulted in bleeding in his brain, multiple fractures and punctured lungs. 

She again urged more eye witnesses to come forward with photos. TODAY has reached out to Siah for comments. ― TODAY

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