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An Indonesian businessman has made national headlines in the country after his former wife of two months accused him of forcing her into anal sex.

The woman, identified as MO, held a press conference on Sunday and revealed the details of her relationship with a businessman named Mansyardin Malik, who she said first approached her on Instagram. She said that Mansyardin asked for her phone number and they met in person twice, before he asked for her hand in marriage.

Hailing from South Kalimantan capital of Banjarmasin, Mansyardin is the father of Taqy Malik, a young hafiz Quran (people who memorize the Holy Quran) and businessman who first rose to fame after his short marriage with Instagram influencer Salmafina Sunan in 2017.

MO and Mansyardin reportedly married under nikah siri arrangements, which are recognized by the religion but not by the state, in July. Only two weeks into their marriage, MO said that Mansyardin asked to have sexual intercourse through the anus because she was on her period at the time.

“I told him that I didn’t want to do it. He said, ‘It’s alright,’ because in the religion, some ulemas allow and some forbid [anal sex, thus leaving prohibition open to interpretation], but he forced it on me,” MO said.

MO said that she grew uncomfortable after the incident, and alleged that Mansyardin asked her to engage in anal sex six times, which eventually prompted her to run away. 

“I separated from him for one week. Actually we had been separated before that. But he pleaded, and we made up. But he did it again, he didn’t want to divorce me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I don’t want [to do anal sex],” she said.

MO’s attorney, Eri Kartanegara, said that her medical examinations showed “significant damage” in her anus.

Fanca, MO’s older brother who was also present at the presser, said that he was angry with Mansyardin for treating MO inappropriately as his wife, adding that the family felt deceived because Mansyardin was seen as a “religious figure” who can guide her in her newfound faith.

On the other hand, Mansyardin’s attorney Halim Darmawan has denied MO’s accusations. In a public statement, Halim went as far as mentioning that MO formerly worked as an adult magazine model, adding that Mansyardin sought to guide MO in learning the religion until she decided to start wearing the hijab.

“Yes, he told me about her. He knew her from Instagram, and then they met. He wanted to elevate that woman’s dignity,” Halim said yesterday.

Halim confirmed the couple married in July and that they divorced earlier this month. In a press conference, Halim also alleged that MO had kept her own secrets that were only revealed during their marriage, without going into further detail.

“No, [MO’s accusation] is untrue. Maybe because she hadn’t appeared on television screens for a long time, maybe she wanted to be on television again [through her accusation].”

The National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) says this case illustrates the dangers of marital rape, but said that MO may find it difficult to mount a case against her ex-husband due to widespread refusal in the country including legally to acknowledge that rape can occur between married couples.

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This article, Indonesian businessman accused of forcing anal sex on ex-wife, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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