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Remember Caisar of Goyang Caisar (Caisar’s Dance) fame? After having long faded into obscurity, the comedian has been thrusted back into the spotlight amid drug abuse allegations during a live broadcast on TikTok that lasted nearly 24 hours over the weekend.

The 32-year-old entertainer has been accused of using crystal meth (locally known as shabu) during the live session, with netizens pointing out that he was barely able to stay still while his face was pale and his eyes were red as he appeared to occasionally zone out.

Several viewers said they would report Caisar to Indonesia’s National Narcotics Agency (BNN). Soon enough, a TikTok account bearing the agency’s name and insignia signed in to watch the live session and sent the celeb virtual “gifts” at one point, as seen in the second panel of this post below:

Caisar has since clarified that he’s not using any drugs, and that he actually took breaks during his live broadcast.

“It’s not doping. What do you mean by doping? [I don’t use] those forbidden things,” Caisar said in an interview video published yesterday, adding that he likes to go live on TikTok whenever he has spare time at home.

Caisar also acknowledged that many of his viewers mentioned BNN during the live broadcast, which he said didn’t actually last for a full 24 hours.

“During the live this evening I clarified that I didn’t use anything. But people pointed out that my eyes appeared to be high, my eyes were red, my eyes were pale. Netizens were just bluffing, I actually don’t use doping. My ‘doping’ was taking a rest for a couple of hours, then I continued my live broadcast, and so on. People were just too much,” he continued.

However, BNN has come forward to deny that they watched Caisar’s live TikTok. In fact, the agency said they don’t actually have a TikTok account. 

BNN has not said that it would investigate accusations towards Caisar, but instead said it would focus on catching the people behind the impostor TikTok account.

Born Caisar Putra Aditya, the comedian propelled to fame when he starred in a popular variety show in 2013. In the show, Caisar popularized his trademark dance, Goyang Caisar, which took the country by storm back in the day:

However, Caisar’s fame didn’t last long. Stories about his personal life, particularly his tumultuous marriage, later defined his career. Caisar eventually quit showbiz, citing religious reasons, to start an F&B business.

His appearance on ANTV’s variety show Pesbukers in August 2017 sparked controversy as many thought he shouldn’t be dancing again after becoming a devout muslim. Caisar divorced his wife Indadari in early 2018 because she objected to being financially supported by money from showbiz, as she deemed it to be haram (forbidden). In any event, Caisar appears to be dancing his way back to the entertainment industry in the past couple of years, with the recent TikTok live broadcast a part of that attempt to return to fame.

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