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A doctor in the city of Semarang, Central Java has been reported to the police on accusations of sexual harassment after he allegedly ejaculated on the meals of his colleague and his wife.

The alleged perpetrator, a resident doctor at a university hospital, rented a house with the couple in order to cut living costs in the city. 

The female victim, through her legal representation from the Central Java Legal Resources Center for Gender Equality and Human Rights (LRC-KJHAM), said she first became suspicious that her and her husband’s food had been tampered with when she noticed that their food cover had often moved whenever they weren’t around.

“The victim initially suspected that there was a cat or a mouse in the house,” LRC-KJHAM’s Nia Lishayati told reporters today.

The victim then set up hidden cameras in the house, and acquired video footage of the alleged perpetrator peeping at her while in the shower before masturbating and ejaculating onto her and her husband’s meals.

“You can imagine the victim and her husband, who ate food mixed with semen over a long period of time. This has traumatized the victim,” Nia said.

According to reports, the alleged perpetrator, who has a wife and children living in another city, first ejaculated on his roommates’ food in October 2020. It’s unclear how many times he carried out the sick deed, but it is known that the victim reported him to the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) in December 2020. 

The Central Java Provincial Police says investigation into the allegations is ongoing, with the alleged perpetrator likely to face up to two years and eight months in prison for indecency under Article 281 of the KUHP (Criminal Code).

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