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Images of two rats scurrying about in the kitchen of an upscale shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur are giving shoppers the jitters. 

Diner Sarah Liana captured images of the rodents while patronizing the Teppanyaki outlet at Pavilion recently, saying online that her complaints had gone unheard by restaurant staff. Her post has since been reshared widely on other social media platforms. 

“I can’t believe the workers didn’t do anything about it after we pointed out there were rats,” her caption said yesterday. “Soooo disappointed!”

Sarah also claimed that the staff “just laughed” in response to her complaint and simply looked at the rats. Pavilion KL has not responded to Coconuts’ request for comment as of publication time.

Some made light of the incident, comparing the rats to the Pixar movie Ratatouille, about a rat chef named Remy.

“Those are the chefs what do you mean gurl???” Ris_staydmn chimed in, while another person said, “Please respect the chef ma’am.”

Others seemed disgusted.

“#PavillionKL don’t take this [lightly]! Rat urine can cause death to people. Even more disgusting it happened during service time. She informed the workers on this, what did they do? They just stare at it and laughed! Not shoo-ing or close service! But Laughed,” Azwinshafinaz said on Twitter. 

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