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I’ll be the first person to admit that I tend to err on the picky side. Looking back, I’ve always been this way. And while I’ve grown out of it when it comes to most things, my high standards around all things fashion related has never, ever faltered. Luckily, in my line of work, that’s a plus rather than a demotion, because my tendency to get choosy is exactly what allows me to narrow down the literal millions of garments, shoes, handbags, jewelry items, and more that are currently being offered up on the open market, to just the ones you really need to see.  This week, I did exactly that, though instead of sourcing from every which retailer under the sun, I decided to zero in on the two with the best selection so far this summer: Nordstrom and J.Crew. But just blindly take my word for it. Ahead, see me prove my point with the help of 29 linen tops, ballet flats, maxi skirts, wide-leg jeans, sundresses, and more that genuinely blew my mind when I scrolled past them. 

I’m fully on board with the current halter tank redemption tour. 

Nothing says summer like a pair of shell earrings. 

White trousers are at the very top of my summer wishlist. 

NGL, I want these in all four available colors. 

I’m never not going to be obsessed with this shade of red. 

Toting around every small thing you might “need” has never looked so chic. 

Practically every WWW editor owns this skirt. Can you really blame us though? 


These look just like a $400+ pair of sunglasses I own. 

When your pool cover-up can double as a dinner-date look, you buy it in all three colors.

These are so minimal and pretty.

I think you dropped something. My jaw.

Everyone needs a linen shirt in the summer. It’s practically law. 

Me? I’m obsessed. 

There’s nothing easier to slip on in the summer than a white sundress. 

I’m so into these espadrilles. 

Not your average black tank. 

This skirt is simply too good to scroll past without taking action. It wouldn’t be right. 

A classic.

Wow. Like wow. 

Someone stop me from writing a love letter to this dress. 

This sculpting tank could easily be $290 instead of $29 and I wouldn’t question it. 

I feel a bit sick at the fact that these aren’t hanging in my closet. 

Hello, gorgeous. 

I recently tried on this dress and let me tell you, it’s perfect. 

I have these in both gold and silver and they each share custody of my ears. 

The prettiest white top I’ve seen in ages. 

You won’t regret pressing purchase if this skirt is in your cart. 

Birkenstocks and summertime, to me, are a package deal. 

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