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Summertime is practically synonymous with linen by now (at least in my book). The moment the temperatures start to rise the breezy texture is all I can think about. Goodbye, denim—hello, linen. Not only does linen allow you to breathe and keep you cooler during the hotter months, but it looks ultra-chic while doing so. There’s nothing more timeless than a crisp linen button-down over a swimsuit or tailored linen trousers for an alfresco dinner. For me that’s a win-win, so I’m typically living in the airy fabric from June through September.

Since linen is a staple in my summer wardrobe, I’ve been browsing all the major retailers for the best pieces to add to my closet this year. Clearly, they’ve gotten the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic memo because there’s an overwhelming selection of chic linen styles to choose from right now. From tailored sets to colorful button-downs to standout sundresses, it’s safe to say they have our linen needs covered. I personally couldn’t be more thrilled by this and there are too many good options not to share.

Below, I’m highlighting the 30 best linen pieces I found, plus some examples of how fashion girls are styling theirs right now. 

I dream about this set regularly. 

And, of course, the matching pants. 

This color is just dreamy. 

I may have already ordered these in multiple colors. 

It’s giving vacation. 

We love a blazer moment. 

If summer were an outfit. 

Can’t forget the matching skirt. 

A work of art. 

So many trends in one dress. 

This will stay in your closet for years. 

“Coastal grandmother” vibes. 

I want to plan a trip just to wear this dress.

This color! 

I own these, and can personally vouche for how comfortable they are. 

Tropical vibes. 

So versatile. 

The cutout details really make this one stand out. 

You can’t go wrong with white linen for summer. 

Beach essential. 

I can’t even decide what I like most about this. 

The summer of cutouts. 

It doesn’t get chicer than a linen jumpsuit. 

The most flattering shorts of all time. 

A linen button-down is truly all I want to wear right now. 

How chic are these stone details? 

Timeless and chic. 

Going to a summer wedding? 

This dress was made for summer soirées.

Linen shorts are practically a basic at this point.

Next up, I have simple style—here are seven easy summer outfits I swear by.

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