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Zara is a go-to for many for on-trend selections. And Janet Gunn, one of the influencers we turn to on the regular for style inspiration, considers the retailer to be a staple. “Over the last few years, I feel Zara has really stepped it up for looks that deliver that editorial vibe. When it comes to trends, Zara satisfies my need for keeping my trendy fashion in check. I’m a huge fan of mixing high and low, and I’m always checking out its most recent hero pieces,” she told us.

Gunn also mentioned to us that she did a recent Zara haul and shared the items she’s wearing the most. Below, you’ll uncover Gunn’s go-to Zara items. While many of the versatile picks are out of stock now, there are similar pieces still available. So aside from the outfit inspiration, there are shopping recommendations coming your way if you too want to add a fresh Zara find into your wardrobe. 

“If you’re looking for a slim-fit, high-rise pant, this pant is so great to either dress up or style for a casual outing.”

“You can never go wrong with denim, and these high-waisted jeans are still my go-to for everyday style along with a classic black turtleneck.”

“This is the third season for my favorite rain boots and this quilted jacket. They’re so fun. I don’t really need wet weather to walk out the door in either one. The quilted jacket is oversize, and it’s reversible with pockets on both sides.”

“Love the edge of this cropped black vest.”

“This super-soft sweatshirt and these faux-leather pants are both incredibly comfortable.”

“I love the rise in fully functional handbags covered in rhinestones. This one caught my eye.”

“These gold boots will instantly elevate any outfit. They’re so easy to strut around in with the lower heel and a little built-in padding.”

“Kitten styles are subtle and sweet, and I love how the pointed toe works to elongate the legs.”

“This blazer was a hit this season, It will definitely stay on holiday rotation for 2023.”

This jacket looks so expensive.

An elevated basic.

A+ cut.


So versatile.

Feeling the oversize fit.

Just cool.

The frayed hem, though.

Chic and easy.

Next, check out more standout Zara items.

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