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In case you’ve been living in a cave with no internet for the past week, you’re probably aware that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in Italy to celebrate her 52nd birthday. They’re really making the rounds in the country (as one does when they have a yacht) and one of their latest stops was in Capri.

While out sightseeing, accompanied by paparazzi and a very large crowd of eager fans, Bennifer put their 2.0 couple style on display. They both dressed casually with Ben in a T-shirt and khaki pants and Jennifer in a white matching shorts set, glamorous straw hat, and the matching item we couldn’t help but notice: aviator sunglasses.

Both Lopez and Affleck have been wearing aviator sunglasses for years, so it’s probably just a coincidence but either way, it’s cute and we look forward to many more matching couples moments from these two. Scroll on to shop cool aviators, because why not?

On Jennifer Lopez: Valentino Escape Bag ($3150); Bottega Veneta Stretch Square Toe Sandals ($890)

Next up, J.Lo wore an oversized button-down as a dress (and it’s chic).

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