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If you’ve ever wanted to know how fashion icon and brand founder Jenna Lyons starts her day or, you know, the exact beauty products she applies on her way out of the door, you’re in luck. In the first-ever installment of its new On My Way series, our sister makeup brand Merit has treated us to an intimate look into Lyons’s quick, easy, and affordable beauty routine. 

Of course, within her routine, you’ll spot a handful of lash-enhancing staples from her own relatively new brand called LoveSeen, but Lyons is also sharing her top picks from Merit, including the brand’s beloved Minimalist Complexion Stick ($38), Blending Brush ($30), Flush Balm Cheek Color ($28), Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil ($24), and Clean Lash Mascara ($26).

Even better, both Merit and LoveSeen are offering exclusive kits featuring Lyons’s fave grouping of products (see above for Merit’s and below for LoveSeen’s), and if you’re quick on the draw and spend over $50 on Merit’s website, you might even score LoveSeen’s Iris Lash Set and lash glue for free, as the brand will be sending the pair as a special gift for the next 200 orders.

Keep scrolling to see Lyons’s morning beauty routine for yourself (aka what happens after she selects her glasses, white shirt, watch, pants, and shoes for the day) and then shop the products in the exact order that she applies them. 

In the video, Lyons says she likes to apply this concealer/foundation hybrid stick to her “problem spots”—right under her eyes to help camouflage shadows and around her nose, lips, and chin.

This ultra-soft blending brush is an award-winning fan favorite for a reason. As Lyons explains, it makes blending away makeup lines and excess product practically effortless, so you’re left with the most natural-looking finish.

“Look at that thing, it’s so cute!” Lyons says. We couldn’t agree more, and this handy, mini-sized balm is the most low-maintenance way to give your cheeks a blush of color with zero mess. Lyons’s pro tip? Apply a dot to the bridge of your nose, too, and then go in with the No. 1 Blending Brush again to buff everything in.

“This is another one of my favorites—I love this color. It’s not too red, not too orange,” says Lyons.

As Lyons explains, she doesn’t have eyelashes, so she relies on some soft powder in lieu of eyeliner and this lash set (her favorite!) from LoveSeen to give her next-level definition and flutter.

First, she paints on this vitamin-enriched lash glue from Duo.

Once the glue is tacky, she uses this handy tool to apply her falsies.

Last but not least, mascara. Lyons likes to add a quick and easy coat since it gives the delicate and natural look of LoveSeen’s lashes an extra hit of oomph and believability.  Up next, Jenna Lyons on Her New Beauty Lyon, Daily Skin Rituals, and Taking Her Teeth Out

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