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Musician Jerinx is embroiled in yet another legal case for allegedly threatening a man identified as AD, with authorities in Jakarta expecting him to fulfill a police summon this morning. 

“There is a summon scheduled today for J based on a report from someone about an alleged threat,” Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Yusri Yunus said earlier today. 

However, it doesn’t seem that Jerinx, who is based in Bali, will be able to meet that summon, explaining on Instagram that there are “technical difficulties with regards to my medical history that are part of the health requirement to fly.” 

He claims that Jakarta authorities have provided him with an alternative in that he should be able to undergo questioning in Bali instead of traveling all the way to the capital. 

“However, this option still awaits internal coordination from the police force, and I have not received further information until now,” Jerinx, whose real name is I Gede Aryastina and is also known as JRX, wrote on Instagram. 

A man named AD reported Jerinx to the Jakarta Metro Police on July 10, alleging that the punk rocker had threatened to “step on his head on the sidewalk,” after also accusing him of hacking into his Instagram account. 

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The culprit behind Jerinx’s hacked Instagram account has yet to be identified, but the 43-year-old appears to be actively using a second account instead, where he posted the above statement. 

Jerinx was released from prison last month after having served his controversial conviction for hate speech. He was found guilty after accusing the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) of being “flunkeys” to the World Health Organization (WHO) on Instagram, which he claimed during trial was out of frustration that pregnant women had to undergo unreliable rapid tests for COVID-19 prior to delivery. 

This article, Jerinx summoned for questioning by Jakarta police in fresh legal complaint, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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