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When Hidilyn Diaz isn’t busy training to be a world-beater at weightlifting, she serves as a staff sergeant on the Philippine Air Force. It’s a day job that also requires one to be fightin’ fit, so even if regular airmen don’t have to lift a record-busting 127kg as part of their everyday duties, they do have to keep up a strict fitness regimen.

Apparently the PAF has been streaming an Online Air Force Indoor Fitness Series, which features what we can only presume to be the way our flying forces have been keeping up with their training during the pandemic.

And guess what—they do a lot of Zumba.

The whole series is a lot more fun than one might expect from a segment of the Armed Forces. Everything from the gregarious dance moves to the smiley instructors just screams Let’s get physical! in a way that makes you want to run for your tights and warmers.

It’s an ongoing series livestreamed on the PAF Facebook page. Here are the latest two to get you started:


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This article, Keep Hidilyn-fit with these Zumba instructional videos from the Philippine Air Force, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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