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If you’re a dedicated Who What Wear fan, you’ll remember when we coined the phrase “Barbie feet” to describe the popular Instagram pose where you point your feet for photos as if you’re wearing heels. The elongating pose is usually done when you’re barefoot or wearing flats, but Kylie Jenner just gave us a completely different take on the phrase when she wore shoes that are basically lifesize versions of Barbie’s plastic heels. 

On Instagram Stories, Jenner shared a photo of Barbie-pink heels that Balenciaga gifted her, complete with a note that explains how the shoes were 3D-printed using innovative technology and “flexible wearable rubber.” Mind blown. Will 3D printing have a big future in fashion? Only time will tell. Scroll down to see the Balenciaga rubber heels and shop the hot-pink shoe trend. 

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