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The undead are as afraid of the virus as we are, apparently. 

Someone was filmed arriving at the Meranti Hall vaccination center in Sungai Buloh, Selangor recently, dressed as one of the region’s scariest ghosts. The unknown person was filmed all wrapped in white cloth to appear as the pocong, or the shroud ghost, and hopping about in broad daylight before getting the injection. Viewers thought it was more amusing than scary. 

“Wow, it hopped up the stairs really fast HAHAHA,” one of the comments said. Two videos circulated online, one which was viewed nearly a million times while the other had under 300,000 views. 

The more popular clip was uploaded a few hours earlier than the other and showed the person in pocong disguise being wheeled into the vaccination hall before hopping towards the entrance. The other clip showed the person hopping through two registration booths, waiting to be called up, and then continuing to hop up the stairs. 

“Jump, pocong, jump,” the video caption read. 

None of the clips showed the shrouded entity getting jabbed. But we certainly hope the vaccine works on the supernatural too, in case the virus spreads to their world.  

The pocong is believed by many in the region, and mostly in Indonesia, for being the soul of the dead that has been trapped in their shroud. In Muslim burials, the cloth is used to wrap the corpse. 

@pwettygerlReply to @j_jmutluk Nasib baik ppv buka siang je 🤧##ppv ##ppvdewanmeranti2 ##fyp♬ original sound – NIS

@pwettygerlSiang2 pon boleh nyah 😳🤣 ##fyp ##ppv ##ppvdewanmeranti2

♬ original sound – NIS

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This article, Malaysian ‘ghost’ hops into Selangor center for COVID-19 vaccine (Videos), originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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