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Sexual harassment unfortunately comes in many different forms, and a young woman in South Jakarta recently had to deal with an alleged stalker ejaculating on her motorbike, with the disturbing incident caught on camera.

The victim, identified as 18-year-old B, told local media outlets that she was stalked by the unidentified man over the weekend. The incident occurred on Saturday night, when B was driving her motorbike home from her cousin’s house. As she was cruising through an empty and dark road, she noticed that a man on a motorbike was following her. She sped up to try to shake him off, pointing out that the man didn’t even have his headlights on.

“When I pulled over, the perpetrator also stopped. I looked behind [towards him], but he was looking around, as if pretending to look at the houses,” B said, describing his suspicious behavior when she arrived at her house.

B then parked her motorbike in front of her house and quickly went inside out of fear, by which point the man moved closer to her vehicle. From a CCTV footage that has gone viral online, the man is then seen masturbating and ejaculating on the seat of B’s motorbike, before fleeing the scene several minutes later. 

In the video, we also see a distraught B going outside to inspect her vehicle, noticing the fluid on the seat. At first, she thought it might have been yoghurt, thinking that the man from before might have been a trickster. So she leaned closer and smelled the fluid to be sure, as the recording also showed. 

“I got into my house, then I screamed, I cried there because I was shocked. I said to my mother, ‘Mom, please take a look at my motorcycle seat, is that really semen?’ Apparently it was when we checked it outside, and it was already a bit runny,” B said. 

B said she was traumatized by the incident, having lost her appetite in the past few days. She said she’s been crying so much that she has had difficulty sleeping and was afraid of leaving the house. 

As of yesterday, B has yet to file a police report. However, an officer from the Pesanggrahan sub-precinct said on Sunday that police will look into the case.

This article, Man caught on camera stalking woman and ejaculating on her motorcycle in South Jakarta, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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