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Meghan Markle’s aunt has slammed the Duchess of Sussex for not reaching out with words of condolence nearly three months after her uncle died. Joseph ‘JJ’ Johnson passed away on August 27 at the age of 72 after a battle with congestive heart failure. His widow Pam, 68, has now revealed that some of her family members are very upset over the lack of contact from Meghan since, reports The Mirror. Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, the aunt said that Meghan must know about Joseph’s death as her mother, Doria, does. Pam said: “I understand with her royal status Meghan has a lot going on. But still it hurts not to have heard from her.” According to Pam, Meghan was very close to their family and spent lots of time with Joseph when she was a child. Joseph’s mum Jeanette, Meghan’s grandmother, helped look after Meghan when her mother Doria was busy working and Meghan returned the favour some years later when Jeanette suffered a stroke. However, Pam explained that her family and Meghan “drifted apart” when the Suits actress first shot to fame, and that she hadn’t spoken to her uncle since December 2017. They clashed over family photographs which he had released to the press and Pam’s family were not invited to Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding the following year. Pam didn’t understand the duchess’ anger over “such beautiful photographs” and insisted that “I think it’s time for forgiveness – if there’s anything to forgive”. According to Pam, Joseph never stopped loving their niece despite the falling out over the photographs. “He was really proud of her and if her name was mentioned in the news he’d tell people, ‘Hey, that’s my niece!’ That was a real joy for him,” she said. She added that Joseph hoped that the pair would have reconciled before his passing, but that she still hopes Meghan can reach out to the family. In the months leading up to Meghan’s wedding, Joseph described Meghan as “magical” and said that “we’ve always been so proud of her”.The post Meghan Markle’s aunt knocks her for not getting in contact after her uncle’s death 3 months ago appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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