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KOTA KINABALU, Sept 3 — Continuous rain here today caused a landslip at a hill near the chronic illness ward of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, forcing an evacuation of patients earlier this evening.

According to a source from the hospital, the patients were moved to a separate building at around 7pm this evening, following the six-hour downpour that caused flash floods and other damages throughout the city and some west coast districts.

The source said the patients were moved to the palliative care block adjacent to the block in danger, in case the landslip affected the building.

Personnel from the Fire and Rescue Services Department and the police were called to the hospital to assess the situation but no casualties or injuries were reported to either any individuals or the building.

“It’s a minor landslip but it was close to the single block building, so they had to take precautionary action,” said the source.

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