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Before you panic, I’m not about to say that moto jackets are completely on the outs. To the contrary, they’re more of a forever staple than they are a trend. In fact, the moto jacket I’ve had in my own closet is still one of my wardrobe anchors that you will eventually have to pry from dead hands. Yep, I’m that committed to it. So don’t take that headline as an instruction to go and toss your motos in the trash right now. Instead, I want to bring your attention to a new wave of leather outerwear that I think will come to be as important (maybe more!) than classic motos in the coming months.

As we’re noted before, moto’s have basically disappeared from street style scene but leather jackets, in general, are the one cold-weather piece that every fashion person owns. So we were overdue for a fresh redesign Well, just as fall is knocking on our doors, the 2021 versions have arrived. I dove deep into the new arrivals sections of key favorite retailers from Net-a-Porter to Mango and found a few common themes: overall, jackets are getting a sleeker and ’90s-inspired makeover with utility shapes, leather shackets, and even leather bomber jackets taking center stage. 

Ahead, take a look at the stylish leather jackets we’ll be seeing on celebs, models, influencers, and everyone else this fall. 

If Bottega Veneta tells us to wear leather bombers, we have no choice but to listen.

Because when doesn’t patent leather not look good?

I could see “dad” jackets like this becoming everyone’s go-to this fall.

Slightly oversized and slouchy are the new “It” details.

This bomber shape would look especially cool with relaxed jeans.

I’m also seeing a lot of these utility-style leather jackets that look so polished.

Not kidding, this Totême piece has every WWW editor losing it.

The ’90s vibes are impeccable here.

An easy addition to simple fall outfits.

A sleek shape like this is the ultimate goal if you ask me.

You already know how good this looks with jeans and a tee.

Naturally, Zara is getting invovled.

This whole outfit is a vibe, though.

New Ganni alert!

I said “oooh” to myself when I saw this.

Wear for fall and well into winter.

Another dream jacket to add to your wishlist.

Yep, shackets are popping up again this fall.

Guaranteed to make any outfit that much cooler.

I’m no minimalist, but this simple shape is really doing it for me.

Aritzia’s leather selection is so good right now.

One more before you go!

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