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Former Chelsea goalkeeper, Dimitri Kharin, is proud of his role in the development of club legend John Terry.

The Russian was a senior player just as Terry was breaking into the first team.

He recalled to Sport-Express: “Here’s the situation. He is a young guy, 17 years old. He plays the last defender in front of you.

“There is a long ball, you shout: ‘Take your time!’ That is, there are no opponents around you, play calmly. And he will bang the ball with his head about 50 metres! After the game I go up to him: ‘John, why am I standing behind you? Not only to hit the balls, but also to prompt you. What should you do when I shout to you: ‘Time’? Terry thinks, thinks: ‘Probably take the ball to the chest’.

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“‘Right. Take it on your chest, put it on the ground’.”

“Another situation. There is a shot blocked. I explain to him after the game: ‘John, the defender is good not only because he can defuse the situation. And also the fact that he must be able to keep the ball and start the attack. Here you interrupted the play. What are you going to do next?’ Out of English habit, he blurts out: ‘Knock it out’.

“I say: ‘Kicking out 40-50 metres is an extreme case. After all, this is the same as giving the ball to an opponent. Look for a midfielder! If I gave up the ball, the game was on.

“As a destroyer, Terry was already great back then, at 17. But he had no support, no pass, he could not read the game. He learned to do all this, and I am very pleased to hear that I also made some contribution.”

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