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DIESEL vehicle owners can now enjoy the benefits of Petron’s newly-formulated Diesel Max Euro 5 with TriAction Advantage.

The fuel is developed to comply with the more stringent requirements for Euro 5 diesel and is specially formulated with an advanced additive system.

The environment-friendly Diesel Max Euro 5 produces less emissions with its ultra-low Sulphur specification of 10ppm as compared to the previous 500ppm of Euro 2M diesel. This shift greatly reduces exhaust emissions and provides for better air quality.

Combined with Petron’s proprietary additive system, TriAction Advantage, this product promises superior cleaning action and a more complete combustion, maximising an engine’s efficiency. This will also lead to improved engine protection, better performance and better fuel economy.

Petron Malaysia head of retail and commercial business Choong Kum Choy says: “We are proud to introduce our newly formulated Petron Diesel Max Euro 5 which underscores our commitment to produce top-quality and environment-friendly products. With Petron Diesel Max Euro 5, customers can enjoy a superior driving experience while providing the best care and protection for their vehicles.”

The TriAction Advantage additive allows for better combustion, enabling an improved cold start performance, quicker engine start-up, smoother drive, improved fuel economy, improved oxidation stability, as well as protection against corrosion and diesel fuel foaming. This will result in longer engine life, better mileage and better power.

The new Diesel Max Euro 5 is now available at all Petron service stations throughout Malaysia.

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